The Emojis Dictionary Tool For Emojis Meaning, Copy And Paste

Glad you can use this website. This is a website that collects emoticons. We set up a separate page for each emoticon to display its detailed parameters, including meaning, Unicode code, version, and design appearance of major platforms. We also provide a copy and paste tool for all emojis. You can use this tool to copy any emojis for your Internet social networking.

Emoji is a kind of hieroglyph, which is used all over the world and has a high usage rate on the Internet. If you can express your thoughts through brightly colored emoji instead of black and white text, what a cool one thing.

The number of emojis has been increasing since 1993 to today. This website has collected about two thousand emojis. We will also collect the emojis that are added every year so that all users can use the latest and coolest emoji ones more conveniently.