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🟥 Red Card

Large Red Square, Red Square

Meaning and Description

This is a square, showing red. This emoji can be used to represent all kinds of red square things, such as the red card on the referee's hand in football match, the scoreboard on the field, and so on.

Different platforms depict different square patterns. Most squares depicted by platforms have four right angles, but only the emojis of individual platforms have certain radians, which make them look smooth. In addition, the squares depicted by WhatsApp and Emojipedia platforms are gradually red, with rich layering. OpenMoji and Microsoft platform painted black edges on the square periphery.


System Version Requirements
Android 10.0+ IOS 13.2+ Windows 10+
Code Points
Decimal Code
Unicode Version
12.0 / 2019-03-05
Emoji Version
12.0 / 2019-03-05
Apple Name