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🌬️ Blowing Wind

Mother Nature, Wind Blowing Face

Meaning and Description

This is the face of a cloud with a card design. Its mouth is blowing air, which blows out and flows outward, and then forms wind. Different platforms depict different faces. Except for the emoji of LG platform, all other platforms are unified with their eyes narrowed into a curved line. In addition, most platforms depict a gray face contour, and most of them are female in appearance, with long hair, and the wind blows to the right from her mouth. Of course, there are also some platforms that show the original appearance of clouds.

This emoticon may be used to indicate windy weather and occasionally to indicate clouds, fog, wind and smoke. In addition, it can also symbolize the embodiment of nature, representing "Mother Nature", "Mother Earth", "Fengshen" and so on.


System Version Requirements
Android 6.0.1+ IOS 9.1+ Windows 10+
Code Points
U+1F32C FE0F
Decimal Code
ALT+127788 ALT+65039
Unicode Version
7.0 / 2014-06-16
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
Apple Name
Wind Blowing Face

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