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🧩 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece

Meaning and Description

This is a jigsaw puzzle, usually made of cardboard. Among them, the joining lines of the pieces of jigsaw puzzle mostly adopt the style of "full interlocking", that is, they are realized by the protrusions and depressions of the edges of the pieces, which is similar to the "mortise and tenon joint" in furniture making.

The convex and concave parts of jigsaw puzzle are mostly round, which can prevent the pieces of jigsaw puzzle from being damaged as much as possible. The jigsaw puzzle is a popular puzzle game with various changes and difficulties.

Different platforms depict different puzzles, some of which are pure green, and some of which are printed with patterns. In addition, except that Google platform depicts two pieces of jigsaw puzzle, other platforms only depict one piece of jigsaw puzzle. This emoji can represent jigsaw puzzles, puzzle games and entertainment.


System Version Requirements
Android 9.0+ IOS 12.1+ Windows 10+
Code Points
Decimal Code
Unicode Version
11.0 / 2018-05-21
Emoji Version
11.0 / 2018-05-21
Apple Name
Puzzle Piece

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