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🌈 Rainbow

Meaning and Description

This is a rainbow, which usually has seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. It is curved and curved like a small bridge.

Except for WhatsApp platform, which displays the right half of rainbow, other platforms display the left half of rainbow, and some platforms also depict blue sky or clouds. Most platforms show seven colors of rainbow, while some platforms show several colors, while au by KDDI platform uses pure blue arc to depict rainbow.

This emoji may be used to express rainbow or rainbow-like things, and it is also often used to describe colorful and colorful appearance, or extended to express childhood, innocence, beauty, love, sweetness and happiness.


System Version Requirements
Android 4.3+ IOS 2.2+ Windows 8.0+
Code Points
Decimal Code
Unicode Version
6.0 / 2010-10-11
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
Apple Name

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