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🦘 Roo


Meaning and Description

This is a kangaroo. It is a mammal that can jump the highest and farthest. It occupies a very important ecological position in Australia. It has short forelimbs, developed hind limbs, big ears and a big, thick and long tail. Female kangaroos all have front-opening baby bags, which are used for nursing and raising baby kangaroos. Different platforms depict different colors of kangaroos, including brown, yellow and brick red. Some of them are squatting, while others are jumping.

This emoji can be used to represent kangaroos, and is often used as the national symbol of Australia, and can also be extended to the spirit of never back down.


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Android 9.0+ IOS 12.1+ Windows 10+
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11.0 / 2018-05-21
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11.0 / 2018-05-21
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