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👾 Space Invader

Video Game Monster, Alien Monster

Meaning and Description

This is a space creature with tentacles, which looks friendly from the outside. It raised its arms and looked as if it were shouting and cheering.

The design style of most major platforms imitates the aliens in the classic arcade game Space Invaders, rendering them purple and pixelated, which makes them look rich in electronic and digital style. Samsung, Messenger, au by KDDI, Docomo and other platforms are designed like an octopus, emojidex platform is designed like a dinosaur, and HTC platform is designed as an alien with hands and tentacles. In addition, except LG platform, which is designed with one-eyed image, emoticons of other platforms all depict two eyes.

This emoji can be used for topics related to alien life, outer space, games and computing, but sometimes it conveys a strange, strange or exciting feeling.


System Version Requirements
Android 4.3+ IOS 2.2+ Windows 8.0+
Code Points
Decimal Code
Unicode Version
6.0 / 2010-10-11
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
Apple Name
Alien Monster