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🚑 Ambulance

Meaning and Description

This is an ambulance, which refers to a vehicle specially used for transporting and rescuing patients. Ambulances are equipped with warning lights and alarms. In case of emergency, the ambulance will flash warning lights and give a loud alarm sound, so that the vehicles on the road can avoid in time.

The ambulances presented on different platforms are different, and basically all of them are designed with white bodies, which show the striking "Red Cross". Among them, the ambulances depicted on some platforms are separated from the cockpit and the transport cabin, which is somewhat similar to trucks; However, some platforms depict ambulances with integrated design of cockpit and transport cabin, which is somewhat similar to vans. This emoji can represent ambulance or medical aid.


System Version Requirements
Android 4.3+ IOS 2.2+ Windows 8.0+
Code Points
Decimal Code
Unicode Version
6.0 / 2010-10-11
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
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