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Sun Behind Large Cloud

Meaning and Description

This is a thick cloud, almost all the yellow sun is blocked by it, and it only shines faintly above the corner.

Different platforms depict clouds of different colors, including white, blue and gray. In addition, the position of the sun varies from platform to platform. Some of them are located at the upper left of clouds, while others are located at the upper right corner of clouds.

This emoticon can be used as a weather icon, representing sunny or cloudy weather.


System Version Requirements
Android 6.0.1+ IOS 9.1+ Windows 10+
Code Points
U+1F325 FE0F
Decimal Code
ALT+127781 ALT+65039
Unicode Version
7.0 / 2014-06-16
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
Apple Name
Sun Behind Large Cloud

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