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☄️ Comet

Meaning and Description

This is a comet with a long tail, like a broom. Comet is a cold rocky space object, which forms a tail of gas and dust when approaching the sun. Comets depicted on different platforms have different colors, and are usually depicted as an ice-blue star, but some platforms depict orange stars. In addition, the comet's "tail" depicted on each platform is different. Some are like water droplets, some are like fireworks, some are like sharp icicles, and some are a few black lines plus two little stars. This emoji can be used to represent comets, meteors and other celestial bodies, as well as a wider range of spatial content; Occasionally used to express talent or prosperity.


System Version Requirements
Android 6.0.1+ IOS 9.1+ Windows 10+
Code Points
U+2604 FE0F
Decimal Code
ALT+9732 ALT+65039
Unicode Version
1.1 / 1993-06
Emoji Version
1.0 / 2015-06-09
Apple Name